私がイメージする動物や昆虫などの生物は本来の飛行能力や潜水能力など人間にはまねできない特化した能力を象徴的に描いている。 人間が持たない能力を補う為に生み出した科学的技術を本来の能力を持つ生物と融合させることで能力を可視化させた。


制作スタイルとして金属工芸技法の一つである鍛金技法を用い、主材として鉄を扱って制作。 鉄の持つ硬さ、錆の色身、質感。素材を活かした表現を感じてほしい。


A Statement from the Artist:

In the animals, insects, and other living things I use as the base image for my work, I portray them as having specialized skills such as flight or diving; abilities which humans cannot emulate. I have thus visualized a combination merging how humans have compensated for the lack of these skills using scientific technology with animals that inherently possess such skills. At the same time, I also create the image of how these living things have adapted. As for my means for producing my work, I make use a metalwork technique known as hammer forging, with iron as my main material. The hardness, the blackness, the texture – I want you to immerse yourself in how I have utilized this material.